Occupational Risk Assessment

We offer you an Occupational Risk Assessment for all positions in your company and development of full documentation in this field. In accordance with Article 226 of the Labour Code, the employer shall assess and document the occupational risks associated with the carried out work, and takes up the necessary preventive measures in order to reduce the risk It shall inform the employees about occupational risks associated with the carried out work and the rules of protection against threats.

In other words, the occupational risk is the likelihood of unwanted work-related events causing losses. Particular attention should be paid to the likelihood of adverse health effects on the employees due to the occupational threats in the work environment.

The occupational risk assessment may be carried out using the simplest methods, but always in a documented way. The most important things to do:

  • identify the threats occurring in all positions (position groups) in the company,
  • determine whether the risks are significant,
  • determine whether the prevention of risks is carried out by appropriate remedies so as to make the risk as low as possible.

MASIL OUTSOURCING carries out the risk assessment in FIVE steps:

  • We review the positions and then identify the threats.
  • We identify who and to what extent is exposed to the threats.
  • We estimate the risk and assess the effectiveness of protections.
  • We note our observations.
  • We take decisions on the risk reduction.

At the Customer’s request, we also carry out the occupational risk assessment using the RISK – SCORE method.

We remind that one should periodically repeat the risk assessment in the workplace having regard to changes in the carried out work, the introduction of new technology.

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